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4 Ways to Leverage UGC on 4 Top Visual Networks



A stylish picture of sneakers that a user posted on Instagram is not only creative social self-expression; it’s organic user-generated content (UGC). A Facebook friend who shares a picture of himself sipping a Starbucks Frappuccino and uses the hashtag #Sipface isn’t just posting a silly selfie, he’s participating in a Starbucks content marketing campaign.

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Bit of a strange one for this month’s Wired Italia, to accompany a column that drew parallels between black holes and lost memories. Or something, I forget.


Mammatus filled sky in Oklahoma. 5.19.12 #mammatus #clouds #sky #oklahoma #nature

Projetos aprovados nas Maratonas de Negócios


E aí campuseros, já temos os projetos que foram aprovados e terão oportunidade de apresentar um pitch de 5 minutos, a uma banca de jurados e investidores, amanhã das 11h às 15h! Veja se seu nome está na lista e preparem-se \o/.

1. +Araguaia – Carlos Oliveira

2. Beerbro – Bruno Miranda


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Fotos Campus Party Brasil 2014

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The November issue of Vogue India spotlights wedding style in this marvelous shoot photographed by Signe Vilstrup

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Solar mass ejection 2013/10/08 (09:12 UT)

[gif 1] mounted with 20 images (10:18 to 11:06 UT) with its evolution

[gif 2] same gif but in negalive light and no color.

Taken with Coronado SolarMaxII 90 and ASI120MM from Málaga, España - Jose Cabello

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Just take that bacon off of it and throw on some mushrooms and we goooood

Leave the bacon add mushrooms we even better

fuck me

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…alguém tenta falar comigo quando tô assistindo meu programa favorito.



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